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I recently came across a 100 year old wood beam that I decided to cut and hang from my ceiling. I hollowed out the beam, put a 2×4 into the stud, then attached the beam to the 2×4 with 3 inch wood screws.

I dont love the look of the wood screws as they are not matte and the head is pretty big and shiny (they ate bronze). This is in pretty stark contrast to the old wood. I considered black but again think it would contrast too much and look too ‘new.’ Is there another type of screw I can use that has the same structural integrity but would fit better with the overall look of the wood?

Here is a url to the beam. You cant really tell what I mean about the screws unless you really zoom in, but it at least gives you an idea of what the wood looks like.

Beam https://imgur.com/gallery/YOgr7Lq

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