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Hey there,

I’m re staining a a deck from 2018 and wondering if I had this process right because from these post, #1, #2, they are suggesting prepping is most important but don’t mention what to do in case of removing old stain. I don’t know if I’m misunderstanding, in that I start with deck wash/cleaner to remove stain then continue the staining process? I’m also using the same oil based stain from Sherwin Williams

Does this process look right for re staining my deck:

  1. Mist/Shower deck board floors and spread deck stripper with roller attached to extension pole

  2. Let stripper rest for ~10-30 min (depending on manufacturers instructions) then scrub (with scrub brush) to remove dirt, mildew or stain

  3. Wash with hose

*3) Can I use a pressure washer to remove the deck stripper after scrubbing? Or Can I just use pressure washer at the beginning without deck stripper to remove stain? I’ve seen post suggesting that as well.

4)Let it dry for a day, and then begin staining process.

Let me know if I have it right or missed anything.

I’ve linked some photos just for reference since my stain has been peeling and in other spots have looked well.


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