Added in a new pantry to the kitchen! : HomeImprovement

I got tired of having the pantry items located in the laundry room or not fitting in my kitchen cabinets and decided to build a new one in a corner of the kitchen. I made a lot of mistakes (like keeping a warped board in the build, it led to SO many problems) but I think it came out ok. I will admit that I went really cheap with the doors and just got ikea ones. I figure after I end up getting a table saw sometime down the line I’ll make some new ones.

Total cost: under $800 ($200 for an electrician to move a switch, most of the rest was spent on the wood, caulk, screws, door hardware, etc).

Total time: way too long (mostly just working on it myself on the occasional weekend)

Tools used: miter saw (borrowed from a neighbor, they rock), jg saw (I got a lot of practice trying to cut straight-ish with this!), hammer, chisel, caulk gun (get a good one if you plan on working with some of the tile-bonding kinds of caulk, your hands will thank you!), tons of nails and screws, level, putty knife, exacto blade, hand miter saw and box, mallet, tons of clamps, ladder, screwdriver set, drill, wood glue and wood putty, caulk, paint supplies, and a lot of patience!

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