Adding second level landing tread nosing to transition to carpet

We just replaced our second floor carpet with something that was a berber and not as plush as what was up there. When we moved in the upstairs carpet came down as a stair runner to the first floor. We replaced this with a new runner and removed the carpet that was folded over the nosing on the top step, cut it back a couple inches, resecured and stained the nosing to match the other treads. The installer said this wasn’t possible with the new carpet as we would see the staples and that we would have to raise the nosing and add a small tread to finish the carpet off since it would look crappy and present a trip hazard. I am trying to figure out if they sell any sort of piece that I can install and stain myself to finish it off. I found this and not sure if it would work or would I need to have a piece made specifically to transition to carpet. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

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