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Hey guys,

So my boyfriend and I are living in a very old rental apartment (pretty much the only affordable option in the city we live in). The landlord is not very interested in making any improvements so we have to work with what we have, although we are allowed to paint.

The bathroom is an eyesore and probably my least favourite room in the apartment. The tiles are old, the grout is black and paint is discoloured and peeling off in the corners. I have tried scrubbing the various methods to try to clean the grout but it’s never made a visible difference.

What small changes and improvements can I do to make this room more inviting and comfortable. I have zero experience with painting/reno of any kind so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I would really like to do a fresh coat of paint for instance. Is there a special kind of paint that one uses for bathrooms or will any paint do? Should I try to scrape away the peeling paint in the corners?

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