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Goal: install new 20’x20′ patio and add 12′ of fence + gate

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I’ve seen many recommendations for quick and easy installation of a fence post on existing concrete that call for a small metal bracket that is held down with screws. A relatively simple install, but it would potentially lead to a post that weakens over time, along with a gate that might sag.

Would it be advised to dig below the frost line, install the 3 fence posts as if it was a fence in the yard, and then have the concrete company install the patio AFTER the posts have been put in the ground? Would this be overkill for a 4′ tall fence/gate? We are in the midwest, so we do get snow and ice for a few months of the year.

Finally, will treated wooden posts last for at least a decade or two in most scenarios, or is it advised to use the metal vinyl fence post inserts?

I want this to be done correctly, but also don’t want to go overboard as if this was a 6′ privacy fence that would be more susceptible to winds and weakening posts due to weight. Thank you in advance for any recommendations!

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