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I’m looking for some advice on water coming into my basement during heavy rains. The problem occurs under my front porch. I have talked with local waterproofers and was basically told that they cannot help me with this particular issue so I am looking for advice elsewhere.

Background: in my area, it is commonplace to extend the foundation underneath the stoop to support the weight of the concrete slab. Overtime, the slab settled away from the house and created a pocket where water can come in. Previous homeowners had this same issue ( it was on disclosure) but the problem was presumably fixed by installing the wooden porch overtop. Shortly after purchasing the house, the issues came back

photos for reference

I have tried to pull up some of the wood panels to install and seal flashing. This worked for a little bit but the problem came back.

Does anyone have any suggestions I can try? Not sure if I need knock the whole thing down and repour the slab?

I greatly appreciate any advice!

Edit: adding image of gutter above the porch gutter

Edit 2 :photo of basement the water is coming from the wood at the top of the photo. This alcove is directly under the porch.

Edit 3: I have been inspired to open up the ceiling where the water is coming in. Inside the hole I made is the original cement stoop.

danger hole

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