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Hi we had a landscape contractor put in a french drain with permeable pavers on top. They also built a small wall. They put a drain next to the foundation at the surface level and did not use any cloth barrier. When I look up french drains on line it seems like the drain is supposed to be under the pavers? And some sort of barrier cloth used? Now it is raining and I have water touching the foundation. Before this, we had cracked cement and a cement burm where the pavers are but the foundation was always dry. They are coming by tomorrow to look at it. What should I say? Is there a reason they did it this way? They should know how to do this- they are a very reputable company but our project ended up being a side job as they got overbooked. We paid $8,000 so far and owe another $8,000 because they just finished the job. Thanks.

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