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For starters, I’ve never built a deck before, or have any real world carpentry experience, but my neighbor is a carpenter by trade and my dad has some experience with construction, although nothing recent.

With the 3rd stimulus check that came out my wife and I decided the house needs a deck! We were able to get all of the materials for a 25×10 deck and a door for about $3000. I paid my neighbor to install the door, move an outlet, and add an exterior outlet as well. From there I started digging – 4 54″ deep holes were needed for the deck footings. Once those were done I removed the old siding down to the sheeting, installed ledger boards, and with the help of my dad built the beam, set the posts, framed and decked the whole thing, and developed a plan for the railing.

The whole deck was built with green-treated lumber as required by local building code. All of the framing is 2×10, decking is 5/4×6, and posts are 6×6. I technically could’ve gone 2×8 for the joists but anything that’s worth doing is worth overdoing in my opinion. It is 90% complete at this point; I just need to finish installing balusters, set the stair footings, build the stairs, wash all the mud off, and enjoy!

Current progress pics:

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