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Hello, the retaining wall in my backyard used to be straight but old until this past winter. Now the top part began to tilt forward. Here are the pictures:

We have to handle this situation however there are few issues..

  1. the way our property is located, bringing in heavy machinery from our yard, or the neighbors’ is not possible.

  2. money 🙁

  3. This area gets a lot of rain and behind the wood is all rotted and if you look at the pictures, you can see that the anchors (deadman?) look very worn out as well. I assume they’re pretty rotten away inside.

So here are our options that we know of so far;

  1. we have the entire wall replaced with the same thing. this will require so much man power since machinery is not really possible to bring in. Also I really don’t want to spend a lot money to have the same issue happen again in 10 years.

  2. We dig a trench, bring in rebars, secure it pretty well, pour in concrete in front of the existing wall. In between the concrete wall and the existing wooden one, we install a proper water drainage at bottom and pour gravel over it.

  3. We use soldier pile. For slabs we either use whatever is salvageable from the existing wood and get more, or use concrete slabs. However this is a 5 feet wall. From what I can understand the pile should go in minimum of 5 feet into the ground? which means.. somehow we gonna have to place in a 10feet+ steel pile into the ground without use of heavy machinery? oy

  4. Bring in concrete interlocking bricks. I feel like this will cost me a lot between the labor, and the material.

I realize this isn’t a cheap project. I also understand it should be done the right way. The soil type is clay, the wall is 5 feet, it’s in NY, we are not rich. I had few companies come and only suggest that I replace the one I got with the same exact one for a lot of money. I want to believe that there are better options out there.

So what option is our best one? Are there any other options that could be useful here?? Please help.

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