Any interest in a write up of a $13k DIY kitchen remodel? : HomeImprovement

I just read the post of the $26k kitchen remodel and was wondering if there was any interest for a (nearly) 100% DIY kitchen remodel?

My project before and the current status. I think I’m about 80% complete.

I started the project 5 weeks ago. I purchased ready-to-assemble cabinets off the internet and received them 8 days later.

This has been a pretty fast project and the kitchen was only “out of service” for 1 day.

Only hired out the counter tops. I took care of demo, Sheetrock, electrical, plumbing, adding recessed lights and under cabinet lights, and a bunch of other stuff. I also had zero help (thanks COVID) during the entire process.

I’ve taken a decent amount of photos during the process and could do a write up if people are interested.

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