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I’m posting this in case it might help someone frantically googling and getting overwhelmed by appliances…. These are my notes from spending about a week looking at appliances and getting upset over the fact that everything has at least one person/ source hating something about it. I tried to remain objective and only note helpful facts. I am also a noob at appliances having lived in apartments most of my life so i had to look into every aspect of appliances. My budget started low but then my partner let me know he wanted appliances that looked a bit more “premium” so that increased our budget. I still noted generally helpful info and links at the bottom. I included our final selections, but still have some finalizing to do. The decision-makers will be the better rebate and manufacturer warranty available.

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Appliance Finalists :

  • Stacked Washer/Dryer:

  • Fridge:

  • Range:

  • Cooktop hood:

  • Built-in Oven:

  • Over-cooktop microwave:

  • dishwasher:



  • Washer/Dryer specific notes:

  • Fridge specific notes:

    • in-door Water dispensers are convenient but can be a problem (ie lines bursting) for some and the possibility of mold in the water lines (if mold eventually happens, can be cleaned out yourself with a bit of internet help)

    • In-door ice dispensers are mostly a pain in the ass (see Samsung)

    • might be better to get dual compressors, but comes at a price. Keeps freezer and fresh food side completely separate

  • Brands:

    • don’t get a fridge with one of those “see-in” panels. Break faster.

    • Too many bells and whistles will just make it break faster

    • do not get Samsung fridges.

      • Good stuff short term but break easily bc of bells and whistles.

      • longer repair times (1-3 weeks vs 1-3 days).

      • Class Action suits going on bc their appliances break and terrible customer service and warranty issues. Specifically the ice makers!

      • Samsung owns DRACOR

    • Electrolux owns FridgidAir –> Tappan, Kelvinator, and Gibson

    • Amana -> Whirpool -> Maytag -> KitchenAid -> Jenn-Air

      • Whirlpool makes all of these.

      • order is Low budget to “Ultra-premium”

      • all made in the same factory but different specs

      • Jenn-Air Sucks, just get KitchenAid

      • All made in America

    • Try to get something American made for sake of repair turn around time

    • As of 2017, Kenmore products are produced by manufacturers including Whirlpool, LG, Electrolux, Panasonic, Cleva North America, and Daewoo Electronics.

    • HAIER (Chinese company) bought out GE. Quality has seemingly gone to shit since. GE Suite:

      • Hotpoint -> GE & GE Profile –> Cafe -> Monogram

      • Fisher & Paykel

      • In-person, Cafe fridge buttons felt super cheap

    • Swedish company (BSH) owns all of these:

      • –Global brands:Bosch Gaggenau Neff Siemens

      • Local brands:Balay Coldex Constructa Pitsos Profilo Thermador

      • Label brands: Junker

      • only “recently” started making their own appliances instead of outsourcing the manufacturing. Awesome dishwashers bc something about the water is at the bottom of the dishwasher.

      • Has so-so CR scores, but bc they only recently started making the appliances in-house (other than dishwashers) it is expected that quality will match or be close to their dishwashers.

    • WOLF / Sub-zero –> good industrial / commercial grade Ranges and Fridges ; expensive repairs

    • VIKING

    • MIELE –> german brand

  • Life Expectancies: (the table I copied didn’t paste properly so here is the source link:

  • Warranties:

    • Some credit cards offer extended warranties on appliances

    • Look for items with broad warranties

    • probably better to go to a small appliance store

    • buying crappy extended warranties for them from the store usually does nothing.

    • buying Appliance Ins under home insurance depends on what exactly they will/won’t replace/repair, usually no good though

    • HOWEVER, it doesn’t hurt to see what extended warranties and coverage are available!!

  • General:

    • usually not impactful to buy a package. should just order piece by piece bc companies will toss in a shitty model to the bundles

    • Look for rebates per brand

    • Dishwashers compete for how loud they are. 50 dbA is pretty quiet as it is, but some go down into 43 range! *see comments for youtube link showing decibels*

    • BEWARE OF TOO MUCH INFORMATION CRIPPLING YOUR CHOICE! Feeling the brands in person matters! As you can tell in my notes, for my needs and wants, I am willing to forego SOME of my own research bc I’m just over it! Still doing more research though and will try my best to update any info.

  • Links:

*im not affiliated to any of these links and this info is what i gathered after intense googling. * original post was deleted bc i put in a you-tube link*

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