Are these 2 living room (squares) columns load bearing? : HomeImprovement

This is the the Blueprint

Here is a pic of one of the actual pillars/ columns

My parents are planning to get rid of it to free up more space this week. the contractor said he could do it but I don’t think they are thinking this through. This house was built in 1915 in the north east and is the 1st floor of a 3 story apartment building (plus attic) which is why I’m even more concerned since it’s floor 1 if it load bearing and if there will be structural issues.

The contractor said that he could take them out and put something else to sustain (which I find hard to believe, since he’s not going to replace that column with another column or type of pole, but he said he will place with something that is attached to the ceiling that will sustain it, which I don’t comprehend how that could be effective.

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