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Our house has three dormer windows and a few months ago the master bedroom ceiling was leaking during rainstorms. An acquaintance, who is a licensed general contractor of over 25 years, came to look at it. He said the windows and dormers needed to be replaced to solve the water issue. We are in the northeast and the windows took a while due to Covid production delays. When he contacted me that the windows were in, he said he was certain the windows were the issue and the dormers did not need to be replaced, he was sure of it. So, I said he should just replace the windows. He was here two weeks ago and replaced the three windows with Renewal by Anderson windows. A few nights later we had a storm and… my bedroom ceiling had a steady drip of water. I contacted the contractor and he is away for two weeks. So, I asked around and found someone else to take a look. He came by Friday and said the dormers are in need of replacement, but more importantly that the windows were not installed properly. Please see the attached pictures of two of the three windows. He said there should be installation and caulking between the window and the wood frame. I reached out to my original contractor and he insists my windows are installed properly. He told me this is exactly how it is supposed to look. He said there is wrap and caulk on the outside of the windows. I do not know who to believe and I’ve already spent so much time and money on this. Any thoughts on this situation? Link:

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