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Hi! I have an unfinished low ceiling attic in a 70 year old house. There was a retrofit before I moved in where emt was installed on the side of the house, then transitions to NM on the gable. The NM is stapled along the bottom of the main roof joist all the way to the other side of the house and then down to an outlet in a bedroom.

This was for an air conditioner. It crosses right over the hatch. I see there is some code requiring covering nm 6′ from the hatch. How would I do this?

And if I want to install a motion control light in the attic, could I tap off that and use a metal or plastic J box?

And if I want to tap off that to install a ceiling light in a closet, can I just poke a hole in the ceiling abd have the light wire go to a j box mounted to a nearby joist, or does a j box need to reside right above the light? It’s a tiny little led motion light.


Edit: Pics for reference.

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