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I thought I would briefly share the story of a project completed during the lonesome Covid winter months. It is now finished in time for Spring.

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I have a background as a cabinet maker and custom furniture builder but this was the most ambitious project I have attempted so far. I was able to self perform about 50% of the work, using vacation days and weekends over the last four months.

Created the model and construction drawings in AutoCAD 3D, and hired a structural engineer to bless the footing and beam span and roof details. He then performed inspections on footings and framing details to ensure code compliance (within reason).

Here’s how the bulk of the work was broken up.

I paid a concrete contractor to place footings, extend the patio, and add a panel to the driveway. I paid a framing crew for the platform, roof, and about 75% of the floor. My dad and cousin and I finished flooring, guardrails, staircase, trim. I then hired a painter and gutter installer to finish those details. Electrician helped rough in wiring for junction boxes and switches. The whole family combined for a landscaping party over one weekend in February, including mulch, shrubs, slate chip patio, and irrigation. Finishing touches include ceiling fans, lights, and furniture (mostly) salvaged and painted over the last few years.

The target budget for the deck itself was $33k. But after landscaping, furniture, and fixtures, we landed around $36k.

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