Back Hall/Stairway Project

We're going to touch up our back hallway from our kitchen to the basement with an exterior door. We live in the Midwest and get pretty brutal winters. We want to paint the trim, walls, and floor. Also want to add some sort of grip or stair tread. Here are some pics of the question spots.

The brick pictured is above the ground and already has some sort of interior paint on it. Should I fill in some of those gaps? With what? Does the type of paint I put on top of the old paint matter at this point?

There is a gap between where the old floor ends and the threshold. It looks like there is vinyl that has been painted over. Is there a material I should use to fill that gap?

The wife wants to use the paint in the basement that former owners used to paint basement floor on the stairs. Is this ok or is there a different type of paint I should be using for this? It looks like an attempt was made at some point to remove the vinyl, but as far as I can tell they quickly gave up and painted over it.

Looking at the green door, you can see on the left the wall doesn't meet the floor. Is there a trick to get this to look alright? Is there anything I can use to close the gap under this door?

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