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So a little bit of context – I purchased my house late 2018. Shortly after I found water penetrating through my foundation by the means of cracks/hydrostatic pressure. Ok. I bought radon seal epoxy injection and sealed a crack that started from window well and down around 5 feet that was letting water drip in, and spent $~3/4000 doing a DIY exterior rubber membrane/dimple mat/drain system on exterior of house. Caulked cracks (did not inject due to time constraints).

Fast forward 2020 (midwest area) we have seen some fairly heavy floods. One flooded my entire street up to the top of car wheel wells. Water got in basement through front window in window well (had no drain.) Ok, dug it up and put a drain in (do not have any photos but it is a solidly installed drain). Problem solved there.

Now, here we are 2021. I want to re-finish the finished basement. One problematic area exists still. I was not able to dig very far down for a drain in this area as I have a chimney with a large footer that spanned the area I ran my pipe and could not go under it. I hear water behind the wall of my sump pump wall and can see efflorescence as high as like 5 feet up the wall. This should solve all water issues, yes? Should I worry about these beams? ~100 linear feet of drain with an interior wallseal vapor barrier, 3 pump battery backup sump pump, 2 taps into window wells, installing 2 dedicated lines for sump pumps, channel drain in front of garage door for $11,800.

I check my gutters before every rain, they drain minimum ~10 feet from the house and my sump pump drains like 30 feet away from the house.

My slope is not negative

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