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Just thought I’d share this update as it may help others in the future. About a year ago, I posted here looking for ideas on how to close out the electrical panels in my finished basement project (original post). Because the panels spanned two walls, I needed a way to conceal them without taking away too much floor space from the room or violated the local code. Suggested solutions included a 45deg closet wall, bi-fold doors etc.

After some more planning, I came up with this solution that solves all the issues. These sliding doors travel on heavy-duty drawer slides (, arranged vertically. They glide nicely out of the way and give full access to the panels, while only taking away about 4″ of depth to the wall. The doors themselves are simple 2×3 studs for the frame, with 5″ tongue and groove for aesthetics.

This was an acceptable way to conceal the panels in my area.


And no, this did not take 11 months to work on. Had a lot of framing, drywalling, and other things to do in that time as well. :).

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