Bathroom drain assembly: bad fit? Overtightened?

I'm replacing my bathroom faucet and drain assembly. The old drain was brass, but super corroded and the trim was all rusty. New one is a plastic assembly with a nickel finish collar.

Got it all put together but there's a leak. Initially it looked like it was leaking around the tapered gasket, and stupidly I tightened it a bit further with a wrench before remembering you aren't supposed to do that with plastic fittings. I don't think I severely overdid it, certainly didn't hear any sounds or anything.

That said, it still looked like it was leaking around the gasket. So, I added some plumbers putty around where the gasket goes up against the sink, and hand-tightened the nut again.

Now it's still leaking, but appears to be coming through the nut/pipe threads. Have I destroyed the assembly? Another thing, in the photo you see, that's with the drain collar all the way down into the sink and fully screwed-on… the overflow-drain holes on the side look to me like they're too low maybe? Like they would reach down to the very bottom of the tapered gasket when it's all tightened up. Could that be the problem? Or is there something I need to do with the threads, or…? Any help much appreciated!


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