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After two years of living in our condo, I finally got around to remodeling our bathroom. There were a bunch of small things we always hated about it, and we really needed to up our storage capacity with a baby on the way.

I spent a couple months slowly chipping away at it, removing various fixtures and patching/texturing the walls. I also did a ton of research, made a checklist of tasks, and stocked up on supplies. I consider myself an advanced amateur and I had help from my dad who is a similar level, but I needed to go from demo to a working toilet in five days to accommodate my work schedule.

In the end, we comfortably got done what I needed in that time. Total cost of the project was around $1500, with the majority of that spent on cabinets, a toilet, and flooring. Details at the end of the post. I’m thrilled with how this project turned out, I learned a ton, and I especially appreciate all the support I received from the Reddit community along the way with various questions I had.

How can I fix my bathroom tile? –I ended up just ripping it all out, obviously.

Help me find a new toilet? –I found a super cheap 10″ rough in from Glacier Bay with everything I needed included, although I substituted a special wax ring to compensate for the flange slanting backward towards the wall creating a 1/2″ difference in the height from front to back.

Options for relocating a bathroom outlet? –I never found a real solution for this, settled on just cutting a hole in the back of the cabinet to give us access from the inside and being sure to never run any cords out the door. Figure I can rip out the cabinet or hire an electrician if it doesn’t pass inspectiong some day.

How can I fix my shower grout? –This and a transition board of some kind to cover the flooring transition into the hall are the only things I still need to figure out. Probably going to rent a grout steamer and see if that cleans it up, then use this stuff to paint the grout a darker color and call it good.

Linoleum is Forbo Marmoleum sheet, Real 3146 “Serene Grey” ordered by a local floor supplier. I ordered 8′ of the stuff and received 12′, I believe because it was the very end of the roll. I’m not complaining, cut a chunk to put under my kitchen sink and made a bunch of shelf liners.

IKEA items included Lillangen medicine cabinet, Godmorgon vanity, Godmorgon high cabinet, Odensvik sink, Dalskar faucet.

Light fixture was ordered on Wayfair after a ton of browsing. Probably the hardest thing to pick out.

Paint color is Sherwin Williams “Waterfall” 6750 although I got it from a big box store because I’m cheap like that.

Other expenses included renting a 100lb flooring roller, buying two sheets of sanded 3/8″ plywood for underlayment, buying baseboard trim boards, and a whole host of miscellaneous supplies.

Thanks for reading!

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