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I needed to renovate my bathroom because the previous home owner had wood tile floor and the cold well water caused condensation to form on the outside of the toilet tank and drip onto the floor rotting it out. This is in a house built in 1890 in rural New England.
So far so good, The sub floor looks fine except for around the toilet which I expected. I cut out the bad section to find the old floor underneath. This floor seems fine and I can view it from underneath in my basement. Its solid and no rot present. pic
In fact, it went as such: Wood tile> OSB subfloor (advantech maybe)> peel and stick tile> the black and white tile pictured (unsure of what its made out of, but the subfloor was drilled into it and the screws did not crack the tile. (Asbestos?)
I tried removing the toilet flange so I could easily tile around it and I figured I would just put a new on in. But the flanges’ screws were rusted from the moisture and they all snapped off. Plus I believe it is glued into the drain pipe. pic
So my questions are:
1.) Is it ok to just patch the subfloor over the existing ancient floor? I really want to do this as cheaply as possible and replacing 100% of the subfloor is going to be crazy expensive considering plywood is going for 3X what it did last year.
2.) Is the only way to get the flange out is to cut it and take it out piece by piece? That seems to be the general consensus of Youtube.
3.) How important is it I get the existing flange cut high enough? I dont want to run into the issue of cutting it too low and not getting a good fit after putting in the new subfloor. Should the flange be screwed into the subfloor and then use spacers to bring it to the proper height. Or should it be on top of the tile?
Thanks y’all. I’m a pretty handy person, but plumbing scares me.

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