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Hi All,

I am going to update standing shower in my small bathroom. Bathroom size is approximately 5′ x 8′. I do not want to move fixture much do shower vanity and toilet is going to be in same area pretty much

Attaching picture

I am trying to take off the wall and install the shower glass both side and tile on 2 side. Something like this:

My question is:

  1. Where can I find glass something like this image and order them. bathroom shower is going to be around 34 inch x 36 inch. Is it good size ?

  2. This bathroom is in basement and there is no crawl space access. Will there be any problem if no crawl space is there?

  3. I am planning to have tile on wall for shower and LVP for bathroom flooring. For shower base, should i use white shower base or get it tiled? Also for floor is LVP ok or tile?

If you have done something similar work can I see the pic to get some more idea. I am thinking by removing 4 inch wall, i will gain some more space.

Another idea I am thinking to change 24 inch vanity to 18 inch vanity so it will give 6 inch more space.

Thank you in advance.

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