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Short backstory: my husband and I purchased our first house at the end of last year. It was in foreclosure for some time and needs a little love, which we are happy to give it. Since moving in, I’ve had a surprising, new desire to learn how to do home improvement things. Big thanks to this sub for quietly giving my lurker self some advice and ideas.

Issue: I want to paint the non-primary full bathroom (house has 2.5 baths), but the current paint job looks rough. There is a cracked sort of appearance, so I started scraping the paint in places. While doing so, I realized the paint comes off easily throughout the whole bathroom, making me further question a bigger issue, like moisture. I have found no signs of mold or anything wet, but I haven’t torn this whole bathroom apart (yet?). I should note that I found mold in the half bath and ripped it down to the studs. We are still working on that reno.

Question: I could keep scraping, but at some point, is it easier, or maybe even safer, to just replace the drywall?

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