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Anyone have advice on the most efficient layout for running electric in my basement? It’s for both lights on the ceiling as well as outlets on the walls. I’m in Chicagoland so EVERYTHING must be EMT conduit and romex/nm/bx/ac/mx etc are not allowed.

My initial thought was to run a main conduit down each of the main support beams and then send branches off along the joists wherever I want some lights. Wherever I needed an outlet on the wall I’d bring the conduit up the wall and then connect to the nearest box/light. Looking at the rough sketch I made it feels like there must be a more efficient layout than this. I can’t think of one though and keep ending up with this.

Anyone have a better idea?

(red = conduit for lights, green = conduit branches for wall outlets, electrical box is where red conduit reaches the top wall in upper left) Imgur

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