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My bedroom door is right next to the kitchen and also faces the living room. It’s a wood door with frosted glass slats, similar to this. If my roommates are cooking, talking, playing music/TV, etc. quite a bit of sound bleeds though. Similarly, sounds from my room leak through the other direction (e.g. if I’m watching a movie at full volume, I don’t want to bother someone reading in the living room). So I’m looking for options to try to cut down on sound transmission through/around the door.

The door has non-trivial gaps on the top, sides, and bottom, so I know that’s one area to start with. But I also think a good amount of sound comes through the wood/glass itself.

My current idea is to line one side of the door with rockwool, cut a bit larger than the door so that it forms a lip/flange to seal up the gaps. Does this sound reasonable? Some kind of weather stripping and a door sweep might be better to handle the gaps though, but still with rockwool covering the majority of the door.

Another idea I had was to install a heavy blanket/curtain that I can draw across the door when it’s closed (e.g. curtain rod mounted above the doorway).

Any tips for the best strategy here?

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