Botched my DIY self-leveling job

Remodeling my laundry room – seemed like a small enough project for my first DIY remodel. I originally sought out a pro to do the flooring but the few that would even return my calls were booked out for weeks. I’m pretty handy and have done a fair amount of stuff around the house, but never flooring. I weighed my options and decided to attempt it myself rather than wait a month.

I started by ripping out my old floor down to the plywood sub. Sanded down all the high spots and studied up on how to properly use LevelQuik RS. Laid the lath and began to mix the SLC… that’s when things went south.

Here are pictures of the dried product. I ran out of SLC halfway through and had to make an emergency run to HD, which left a 30 minute gap between the back and front halves. I also was using a grout float to smooth the stuff out, as I couldn’t find a gauge rake anywhere and saw a video of somebody using the float with no problem. The stuff extremely hard to work with – not sure if my consistency wasn’t thin enough or the float was the problem, but as you can see the finish result is far from smooth.

Our new washer and dryer is being delivered next week so time is against me. I don’t know exactly what I did wrong here or if it’s even DIY fixable. I’ve considered trying to sand down the ripples and do a second coat of SLC over everything, this time using Sika (30-min work time) instead of LevelQuik (3-min work time). I know I botched this one badly and just don’t know where to go from here…

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