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Hey All – we have an existing brick walkway ( to the front of our house that is in need of some repair. We we considering having a contractor rip it all out and start from scratch, but we actually like the Brick look and think that we can spend a couple hundred dollars including tools, and do it ourselves.

That being said there are 3 main parts of this project: the walkway itself, the first step, and the landing.

Walkway – currently it is just brick on sand on concrete. The plan was to remove the brick and bring in some fresh sand to level out and compact it. I did not think I needed any additional base with the concrete under it. The walkway is not level from left to right, so the plan is to try and correct that with sand, is that possible or will I need to add crushed stone to the top of the concrete to make it level, then an inch of sand on top of that? Everything I have read online is basically starting from scratch which seems like a waste here, so I would like to use the concrete that is there if possible, but wanted to get some feedback on how I would go about that.

Once complete, I was going to add the plastic trim to the outside to hold it in place, and just use regular sand between the bricks. Not sure why you would use the poly sand vs regular sand.

First Step – this was just bricks on their side set in mortar before. This is not level, and not high enough so I was going to remove this, take it apart, add another layer of brick below it, and reset in mortar before continuing on the upper walkway.

Landing – this is generally in good shape, but some of the mortar joints are looking rough so I was just going to grind out the joints where possible, and tuck point it. For the spots on the side that are falling off I would just try to use the mortar to reattach.

Any thoughts are welcomed as always!

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