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TL;DR; where would I (the little guy) get plastic balls to put into my concrete slab.

I was watching a show (Engineering Catastrophes) where the building floors were poured with these plastic balls in the concrete slabs. Ironically the building floors failed, but that’s besides the point. It seems that this is a “verified” technology that can save up to 30% on concrete and I’m just looking to do a 10×20 slab for my greenhouse. Saving 30% sounds like a really good deal so I figured I would look into it.

Alas searching for these products brings me to sites basically discussing the technology but no where are these balls to be found for purchase. It seems that this type of thing is reserved for the big guys who will be building huge structures.

Has anyone ever done something like this and if so where could someone like me find such lovely balls.

For reference here are a few sites discussing the tech:

Application Of Plastic Balls In Concrete Construction

BubbleDeck North America – this seems to be one of the sites that would sell them

Voided biaxial slab

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