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My living room is oddly shaped, and I have a large dead space behind my couch that I used to keep my treadmill that I had great plans on using, and then didn’t.

So I decided that we needed a pantry on a friday 2 weeks ago, and set out to build one. This is my first time attempting something like this, but I think it came out ok. I measured out 66″x54″, picked up some studs, drywall, and a door, and got to work.

It was a bit tricky getting the framing done. I didn’t want to damage anything that I couldn’t undo. Screws up and down, then nail gun for the studs.

Drywall and mud went pretty quick. I did my best to make it as even as possible with the previous wall and I got damned close. I measured everything and while it’s not perfect, it’s about as good as I could have expected.

Paint went quick and I was on to the door trim and molding, but my wife pushed me to finish the inside first so she could use it.

Ripped some plywood shelving I had laying around from other projects and my wife started crying. I asked what was wrong and she said it was going so well but now it sucks.

So off to home depot again. I couldn’t find 1-by’s that were anything close to strait, it was all terrible, so pvc 1-by. Then to the $57 a sheet plywood. I have to admit, it was looking better.

Then I thought, wrap it around to get as much shelf space as possible. I am definitely glad I went with 24″ shelves instead of 12″. Plus, 1×12″x8′ was $45, so for just $12 more, i got 4x as much.

First coat of paint then leftover mud to fill the gaps/holes. My house isn’t truly square, and my walls aren’t truly flat, and my cuts aren’t perfectly strait. That’s where spackle comes in. Non-shrinking spackle, to be more specific. Hit every screw head, gap, and imperfection. Then waited a day and got the second coat.

Loaded it up and took a tape measure to the middle to see how much bowing, and it was virtually none. I’m glad I went with 3/4 board instead of half inch, not just for hte better finish, but added rigidity. All the shelves are also screwed down in the corners as well so I think that helps.

Total time was maybe 4 working days, and total cost was just under $1000, but total storage space I gained was massive. Now I just have to finish the door trim and molding, but that takes my miter saw, and that’s in a difficult to access place right now.

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