[CA] First-time homeowner and don’t know where to start. DIY, general contractor, specialist? : HomeImprovement

Just purchased a home in the Bay Area, CA built in 1948. I’ve pulled a list of items that we’d like to fix/add based on the home inspector’s report + our needs, screenshot here: https://imgur.com/a/sxuR7eM

What we’ve done so far: We’ve reached out to a foundation company for seismic retrofit/foundation repair (a 2ft long undermined section) but are debating whether we should get a structural engineer inspection because I’m worried the underpinning company might miss something. Have also scheduled a couple HVAC companies to come out to estimate furnace replacement.

For the other items, I think the only item we can very obviously do as DIY is re-caulk/grout and reconnecting dryer vent, but are unsure of difficulty levels of the other items. Which items should I go directly to an electrician/plumber for vs a general contractor? I figured minor rot repair, makeup air, exhaust fan, shifting a doorway 1 ft, bathtub replacement might be suitable for a GC, but I know some GCs don’t bother with small jobs that aren’t full remodels. I’m also fine with doing the requisite post-repair cosmetic work myself, like patching drywall.

Also, I want to install a better range hood (vented) of 900+cfm and a bathroom exhaust fan (currently no vent), but the HVAC companies said they only do ventilation directly related to heating or AC. I imagine an electrician would only install the circuit, but not vent through the roof? Does this mean I go to a GC? Would they know the requirements for makeup air? The appliance stores I have visited seem to have never heard of the makeup air requirement.

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure about how to get this started, so any advice is appreciated, thanks.

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