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We had a cabinet company design and then contract out an installer to install cabinets. The design showed the cabinets flush to the ceiling and they came out and measured and knew our ceiling was sloped. The installer was incompetent, complained the entire time he was on site, and said he could not make it so the trim covered the gap. As he was leaving he said this should have taken him 1 day, but it took him 3. He left sawdust everywhere, etc. The cabinet company says they can send him back out to fix it, but I worry he will make it worse and they are not responding to my concerns. Options:

A – Ask for the trim to do it ourselves (but I think the cabinets need to be moved down on the wall to fit thicker trim, so realistically we probably could not do this ourselves).

B – Let him come back to try to fix it.

C – Look for a finish carpenter, get a quote, have him do the work, and ask the cabinet company for a credit.

D – Live with it.

Here’s a pic – see the top left cabinet

And several other issues with the finish and attention to detail.

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