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So, there’s currently a 33″ bottom-freezer refrigerator in my kitchen. It’s a snug fit on the sides, as you can see from the pictures, between the pantry and the counter.

I want to put a 33″ French door refrigerator in there instead. But I’ve never had one before, and I’m not sure exactly how the doors swing or how much clearance they need.

Strictly speaking, the manufacturer’s manual says to leave about 3″ of clearance on the sides. But manuals say lots of things that aren’t always realistic and no one pays attention to. It could be that I need the clearance not so much to open the doors, but to open them wide enough to pull out the shelves when I need to clean them.

Most pictures of French door fridges I see have them tucked in similarly snug spaces, with no room to spare on the sides — part of the point is to have that “built-in” look.

Does anyone have experience with French door fridges in tight spaces like this?

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