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I possibly need access to the space under the cabinet in my kitchen, is this possible without destroying the cabinets?

Over the last week, I have noticed a mouse in our kitchen. We set out traps and had our Cooks Pest Control guy come out, and we have not caught anything yet. The night after Cooks came, we started hearing squeaks that we are almost positive are baby mice, but we couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from. Tonight, I think I have located where I am hearing them, and I have no idea how to get to it without destroying our cabinets.

I hear it under one of our cabinets to the left of our stove. I took everything out of the cabinet because it looked as thought I could just lift the bottom of the cabinet up (not well made cabinets) to see the floor under, but it does not come up.

Is it possible to get to this space? How do I get to this space to get these babies out and get rid of them? Do we take the baseboard off and do a sweep? Do we try to cut into the bottom of the cabinet out to remove the bottom? Do we just let them grow up and find their way to the traps (/s)?


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