Can I install some sort of cooling system leveraging the vents from our patio/balcony? : HomeImprovement

Hi everyone, hoping to find some luck here. We moved into a new condo which is south facing, i.e heat from sunrise to sunset. While we’re looking at some options for drapery we were wondering if some sort of cooling system could be installed.

We have a balcony/patio where luckily the three walls are connected to all three rooms in the house, they already have air vents which are connected inside. Images here

I was wondering if in theory it might be possible to install some system in the balcony that can throw cool air to these vents?

Alternatively we’ve considered

  • Portable air conditioners (but they just look ugly and we’re trying to avoid them).

  • Window air conditioner are an option however our HOA might not agree since they’ll pop out towards the street.

  • Opening windows is an option however since we face the street, opening windows means we have a lot of noise.

Thank you!

Location : Bay Area, California

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