Can this baseboard trim be fixed or should I just replace it? : HomeImprovement

Just moved into a new home and the baseboards have seen better days. Some rooms are better than others – the front room has some corner blocks like this which I’m guessing have just been bumped into enough over the years that they’re about to pop off. Looks like the prior owners attempted to fix but they’re in pretty rough shape as you can see. Do you think I can fix this? Maybe by glueing the piece back on, caulking, sanding, and repainting, or is it too far gone and would be better to just redo the whole trim in the room?

Baseboard corner

Eventually I’d like to redo all the trim, but it’s a big house (2500 sq ft) and I have higher priorities, so trying to decide if I should temporarily fix the trim here and repaint it in all rooms, or if I should just buy new trim for this room even if it won’t match the other rooms.

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