Can you help me diagnose cracks in my ceiling? Not sure whether I’m looking at a roof issue/foundation issue/something else entirely. : HomeImprovement

So… over time cracks have been developing in my ceiling and on my walls. It’s been kind of a slow and subtle process and I haven’t been able to address it until recently.

The house is older, I believe built in the 50s. Previous home owner fancied himself a DIYer and did a lot of crappy repairs/adjustments. It has a flat roof that has a few soft spots that we hope to address soon, but no noticeable leaks EXCEPT during heavy rain or snow when a few drops will result near our skylight. I’ve never actually seen the water come out, I just notice water spots on the coffee table below.

I finally became concerned enough about the cracks to follow up on them as one of the larger ones really seemed to make some progress along the length of my ceiling. I had a general handyman out to take a look and just try to help diagnose the issue. His take was that these cracks were the result of moisture running from the top of the roof down but the issue was primarily cosmetic and wasn’t an emergency. I’m not so sure.

Can you take a look?

I have not noticed any moisture and the main cracks just seem to be the stupid popcorn ceiling flaking off. But I haven’t yanked more off besides a single flake to check for dampness.

Any advice is appreciated. I was looking into a roof replacement, but I want to make sure it isn’t like… a foundation issue or something. Basically, I would really appreciate who to contact to even start tackling this! Feeling quite lost and stressed, so thanks for your help!

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