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Here’s are two pictures of the doorknob in question.

I’ve googled around and cannot find a doorknob like this. The only screws seem to be on the latch tube, and removing them does nothing of course.

The knobs on both sides of the door are identical in every way. But one side has a gap between the plate and the door that I can fit a tool inside, but I can’t find any obvious way to use that to remove the knobs if that’s how I’m supposed to do it.

Thank you for any help.

EDIT: SOLVED Got the knob off!

The little paperclip thing on the bottom was holding the faceplate on. The little rectangle hole on the side had some sort of latch that I had to press in with an Allan wrench while my wife pulled on the knob as hard as she could. The knob probably was easier to remove when it was newer, but now it’s really rusted.

I think I may have broken the latch that holes the knob on, but that’s okay, if I did break it, I was considering replacing all the knobs in the house that are like this anyway, because they are all ancient, rusted, and kinda get stuck a lot.

Thank you everyone for your help.

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