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We are trying to update our 30 year old stairs. They are currently carpet wrapped. We would like to keep the stairs carpeted (aging dog, slides when he runs on wood, is gonna break something sliding down wood stairs). I pulled up the carpet hoping we would find some nice wood underneath that we could leave uncarpeted at the ends, but nope. I’m not super technical, so forgive my probably incorrect terminology, but it’s terrible, almost sub-floor looking wood. Definitely not nice quality.

I figure we have two options. 1) Find some quality wood and figure out how to cap/overlay it on the stair ends, stain it, and re-carpet the inner portions of the stairs. 2) Close the stringer and carpet up to that so you can’t see the stair wood. (Picture of my stairs and the two options since a picture is worth a thousand words).

I’m leaning toward the second because I like the look of it better. I watched a video, and the guy makes it look easy (link removed: Google “How to Make A Closed Stringer Staircase from an Open Stringer Staircase” if you’re interested) but he also seems like a high quality craftsman. We’re more along the amateur home improvement skill level.

So I’m looking for a sanity check. Would it be substantially easier to just make some nice wood tops, saving us time, money, and headaches? Or is it worth trying to close a stringer without an expert craftsman in our back pocket?

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