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We bought our home 3 years ago in a rainy South Seattle neighborhood on a hill that slopes towards Lake Washington. Built in 1962 so some settling is expected. The home also needed a lot of work including a new roof, chimney mortar/veneer replacement and counter flashing.

I have noticed cracks in many parts of the home’s walls and ceilings, patched from previous owners. Most cracks are isolated to a single portion of a wall, and not running across multiple walls or continuing from the ceiling to side walls. Biggest cracks are around the fireplace brick stack leading up to the attic. You can also see slight gaps between the where vaulted wood ceiling beams touch the lid.

From the photos included, do any of these scream “structural damage” vs just settling? This is our forever home and we’ve already dumped over $150K in remodel/renovations and hoping to ensure the longevity of the home.

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/wh3reEw

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