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Hey all,

Just purchased a new home and during the inspection, it was brought to my attention that the exposed chimney thimble and gaps between the chimney brick and duct from the furnace are a risk for carbon monoxide. See pictures below:

I’ve had one chimney company come by to check it out and have not been able to get in contact with them. They were the ones who advised putting a towel into the exposed thimble until it’s fixed. They were more concerned with installing a flue and rebuilding a part of the chimney in the attic than the CO issue. I’ve contacted others and have had no responses. We haven’t moved in yet but we’re anxious about getting this sealed for safety reasons and are at the point where we’ll do it ourselves if no one else is willing.

How would a naive homeowner go about fixing this issue ASAP so we feel safe moving in the first week of May?

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