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My new home improvement project is fixing what the roofing company did to my living room. A worker fell through and dropped the ceiling on my toy poodle that was resting on the couch. The dog is fine. They wanted to buy HEPA filters and clean it up with a vacuum cleaner. My wife is no pushover so we tell them to wait until we can get it tested for asbestos. Pay for an expedited test and it comes back positive. The house was built in 1967 in Raleigh NC. The asbestos is in the popcorn ceiling. We have a one year old toddler that eats cheerios off the carpet. It’s his main play area.

The roofing company is going to pay for abatement but they have been trying to get out of doing the right thing. So I have a few questions hoping you can let me know what to look out for.

Are there other substances in the mess that we should be concerned about? Namely, the yellow / brown stuff that could be blown in insulation. See the picture linked at top.

Is the carpet and couch a total loss? Is there any real way to get them clean?

They may try to get away with patching just the damaged portion of the ceiling. Is the correct procedure to remove all the popcorn texture in the room? Otherwise wouldn’t we have a smooth textured square in the middle of the ceiling?

Any thing I’m not thinking of? I cut off the HVAC pretty quickly and closed all the doors in the house. Someone is supposed to show up soon and establish a negative pressure system so I can sleep in my house tonight.

I know people say concerns about asbestos are over blown but I literally have a layer of dust over my living room from an asbestos ceiling that was shattered to pieces. And my baby is going to be spending a lot of time in there.

I appreciate any advice.

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