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We just bought our first house and the inspection made note of the relatively poor attic insulation, so I am taking a crack at it. There are few questions I had that I thought I could use some help on.

  1. There is a large plastic sheet over a lot of the insulation in about one quarter of the attic (picture). I assume it was meant as a vapor barrier, but it seems wrong for it be on top. Should I just remove it?

  2. Most of the insulation is as follows: a very small layer of what looks like really old and gross blown in insulation (maybe an inch or two at most). Then a layer of batting with the paper side down. Anything to be concerned about? I know ideally the moisture barrier again would go against the bottom, but I figure it is probably okay for it be on top of the small layer of existing stuff. The parts I am going to fill in I was just going to continue that pattern.

  3. The bathroom fan vents right into the attic. In fact the opening from it was just completely covered with insulation. Would getting that to vent outside be a job I could DIY? How critical is it to get that fixed (I am in a pretty dry climate)? There is also an additional piece of wood attached to the ceiling right above it, is that just to help prevent moisture issues there?

  4. Do I need to worry about any venting at the soffits? I’ve seen that suggested, but it looks like the insulation pretty much goes all the way to the end with no gap. The home was built in 1954 for reference.

Appreciate any help and insight! Also if it just makes sense to hire this out that would be helpful to know as well.

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