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Hi all,

Somehow the carpet on the other side of the shower keeps getting wet. It’s more of a dampness, not a full on soak. The shower shares the other side of the wall, only the actual shower itself is a little offset from where most of the dampness is felt.

I guess I am just here to see if you folks have recommendations on what to check first? Should I pull the shower pan? Open the wall up? Other than the leak, I worry about mold because lord knows how long this has gone on for. There’s already mold on the baseboards near the shower. I bought the house near the end of last year and it did not have a proper door for the shower, not sure if that could be a catalyst. I can’t help but think previous owners painted over the boards to hide the mold, and the mold finally found its way out.

I have been wanting to have the shower/tub area redone anyway and I have a second shower upstairs, so there isn’t any rush. Should I consider opening the shower/walls up and then have a plumber or remediator/remodel contractor come in and take a look? This makes me want to gut everything in that room.

Area where carpet gets damp

Location of shower on other side of wall

Other pictures:

What the base of the shower looks like

Outside of shower for mold context

Close up of mold fwiw

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