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Kitchen Faucet Ideas Needed : HomeImprovement

I’m wanting to replace my kitchen faucet but the handle is located adjacent to the ...
Home Improvement

Need help identifying a hinge from 50s house : HomeImprovement

Hello, I have been working on painting my kitchen cabinets recently. My home is a ...
Home Improvement

Is it possible to even out layers of exterior paint without fully sanding down to wood? : HomeImprovement

I live in 1920's home that has a fully windowed front porch. I want to paint my home ...
Home Improvement

Mysterious black coating on old galvanized plumbing (40s home, midwest US) : HomeImprovement

Hey folks, dealing with another minor plumbing emergency and some old galvanized ...
Home Improvement

Bathroom mirror edges rusted. Any way to repair it ? : HomeImprovement

I've seen that many times--it's quite common. There's no simple way to just repair it, ...
Home Improvement

Water seeping in under exterior brick wall between it and foundation

This is one of those, I cannot believe they did this posts. My home is a partial brick ...
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