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So I’m going with some 6×24 plank style porcelain tiles that need to be 33% offset.

As you can see here, I have them arranged in whats called a “1/3 running bond”

The benefit being that it fits the room exceptionally with no awkward short tiles at either end, and puts a full tile centered at the center of the main doorway… 24” tile 24” door, flush to the hardwood with the tongue cut off

But what confuses me is that the “1/3 running bond” is a 50% offset because every other row lines up.

BUT the centers of the tiles of each row do not meet up to the ends of the other rows’ tiles… which is the purpose of the 33% offset?

So… back to the point…

Is this pattern fine for lippage? If not can I buy fancy clips?

If all else fails… how do I make the 33% offset look good with the awkward cuts it’ll require?

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