Considering restructuring entire first floor of old home. Feedback/advice welcome!

My husband and I bought a 1,500 square foot home about 7 years ago as our "starter" home. We've since paid the home off, but have only made minimal updates (paint, adding a beam where former owner knocked out a loadbearing wall, replacing shower).

We've recently started thinking about upgrading our home for more space, better layout and better condition. We put in an offer on a home we fell in love with a few houses away for $15K over asking, but were still beat.

We LOVE our neighborhood and don't want to move far, but the chances seem slim that something will come on THIS market that we can afford and checks all the items off our lists.

1,500 sq. ft. feels small for us currently (my husband and I primarily work from home and have a 2-year-old toddler), and we think there's one more child in our future at some point. I think that we can restructure our current home to make the space more functional, but my husband is hesitant because he likes how open our living area is currently.

We have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs that work great, but the space downstairs needs some work. I've created some rough floorplans/renderings to try to get my husband on board with remodeling, but would love feedback from others!

Here's a gallery that compares the floorplans and some renderings from different angles within the house. Again, very rough concepts at this point but scale should be pretty accurate.

Thoughts on how this would change the flow of the house? Anything you might try differently?

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