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I am looking for input if I am being unreasonable with my contractor. We recently decided to hire a contractor to redo our upstairs bathroom. We had the bathroom gutted and redone. When our contractor gave us his quote he also provided us with a mockup of what it would look like.

The project was quoted at just under two weeks, but due to having his helper quit on him it ended up taking three and a half weeks. This is important because we were out of town while he spent the next week and a half finishing.

When we arrived most of his work looked good, except for his placement of the GFCI outlet. The plan was to have a large mirror extend from the vanity to the light fixture on the wall (which he drew into his sketch), however his placement of the outlet makes it difficult to do.

We asked him to move the outlet to another location on the wall and he told us he would charge us $200 to move it. And that he would not do any additional tile work, just cap it off and install a new outlet box, which I would rather him fix the tile work as well, but it will be hidden by a mirror, so it might not be a huge deal.

We still haven’t paid him for the last third of the project and I am considering refusing to pay him until he moves the outlet for no additional cost since the placement seems so poor, but I don’t know if that is a jerk move since his quote never says the outlet wouldn’t be installed behind the mirror…. Thoughts on how to proceed? Do I press him to move it under the original scope or pay him the $200 to move it? We still have plenty of grout and tile, so at this point it is just labor.

Here is a photo of his mockup and a photo of the outlet placement side by side:

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