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So we’ve had a contractor doing some kitchen and bathroom updates in our house. On Friday they put in a walnut butcher block counter top and a black farmhouse sink ( I noticed it on Friday after the contractor had left, but when I looked closely it has a lip on the edge and I assumed it was correct, so it wasn’t really an issue until my wife asked why it wasn’t undermounted today. I think it looks fine the way it is, so mostly concerned with functionality and resale, since we will be selling in a couple of years. I’ve never sold a house and I don’t know if anyone buying it would care. That being said, it’s not the cheapest sink or counter on the market, so if it needs to change then I’d like to bring it up sooner rather than later with the contractor. Is this issue worth bringing up? I’m assuming the countertop would have to be completely replaced, and I wouldn’t want to pay for the second one. I never talked to the contractor about under or top mounting the sink. There is also a drinking water filtration system under the sink which doesn’t leave much room for moving things around.

The contractors are 2 local guys doing fantastic work for their own company, with no other employees, so it’s not a giant company where the cost would have no impact.

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