Converting a Front Porch into a 3 Season/Sunroom : HomeImprovement

The house I just purchased currently has a front porch, but it also right next to a main road, so the front porch is pretty noisy and not currently usable as is. I have to redo the front stairs and railing, so I was hoping that if I went furhter and closed in the front porch, I’d get a little bit of sound insulation ON the porch, as well as a bit of protection from all the nasty air from the cars while I was actively outside.

Plan was to have the walls be mostly windows, and then add tile to the floor, similar to:

Deck Conversion into Sunroom

Example #2

It’s purpose is going to be tea/sitting area, chill area for my parrots, and growing lots and lots and lots of plants.

The house in question:

New House

-What would I need to do to physically do something like this?

-How much (ballpark) would it cost/should I budget for?

-Do I have to redo the roof above the porch to do this (it’s <4 yr old)

I live in NE, so we basically have 3 seasons a week right now.

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